Sep 28, 2009

Health Care Lobbying in US Congress

Health Care Reform continues to limp along in our nation's Capital. There are many voices and many opinions. Which ones will win out? The citizens may not be heard. The politicians working on the problem are embedded in a network of lobbyists who have as their clients various health care and insurance firms. [Click on the social network map for an expanded view].

Max Baucus is often viewed as the key node in the health care debate. Many firms are trying to access and influence Max. Max is the magenta-colored node in the middle of the network map. The lobbyists are the green nodes. Their clients [those who want to influence Max] are the blue nodes along the edges. The clients [blue nodes] who have hired multiple lobbyists get pulled in from the edge and toward the multiple lobbyists [green nodes].

Some sources are reporting that lobbyists are writing pieces of the proposed bill. Somehow I don't remember the chapter on lobbying in my American Government class -- must have been sick that week. [Can't afford to get sick now!]

We are looking at more lobbying data from and -- we thank them for their public data bases!


  1. marvellous work. many thanks for posting it. i look forward to more.

  2. Excellent piece.

  3. Max Baucus has managed to destroy the future of American healthcare through sheer egomania.

    But what does this map show? What does a line represent? The ones from client to lobbyist I understand. But what does a line from a green dot to Max mean? We need other senators, too, for this to make any sense. Otherwise it's just a pretty visualization of the obvious statement that healthcare companies are lobbying the guy writing the most important piece of legislation in their business.

  4. Excellent expose' -- I would like to a lobbying network analysis of Sen. Liberman.

  5. Excellent expose' -- I would like to a lobbying network analysis of Sen. Liberman.

  6. Politicians get their information from consultants and lobbyists. Is it any wonder that the decisions and recommendations they make come straight from the mouths of these so-called 'educators.' Lobbyists and consultants are paid for by industry, companies, rich folks, and advocacy groups. Follow the money and find the influence!