Oct 30, 2010

Networks on the Radio

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Nora Young of CBC Radio in Toronto for her wonderful program: Spark. She is a great interviewer -- puts the subject at ease and asks very interesting questions. The interview covers basic aspects of social network analysis, including privacy issues with the data. An MP3 of the interview is available as well as this more information on this web page.

The day before the mid-term election in the USA, November 1st, I will be on the Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC discussing political networks. The network map below shows some of the political ties of the two gubernatorial candidates in New York.

It is not surprising that the political networks of people in politics are not that much different in pattern from the network of political books we read. In my previous mapping of networks of political books, the general pattern has remained the same, though the books [nodes in the network] have changed — strong clusters of Red and Blue with a thin strand connecting them.

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