Aug 16, 2008

Echoes Grow Louder

As we approach the 2008 U.S. presidential election, we notice new books focused on Barack Obama. A few of the books are negative on Obama and one is positive. The books do not not seem to be making much of a difference. The anti-Obama books are being read by those already predisposed against him and the pro-Obama book is solidly in the group supporting him. The din from both sides grows louder -- yes he is, no he isn't, yes he is, no he isn't ... Interestingly, NO currently popular political book, either pro or con, is written about the other candidate, McCain.

An interesting observation, from our social network analysis of political book buying data, is that none of the most influential books in the network of political bestsellers have anything to do with the upcoming election! What Happened, a look at the failings of the current presidency remains the most influential book. A close second in influence, The Post American World, a view into the rest of this 21st century, looks beyond immediate conditions to larger and longer term international trends.

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